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Okay, I know I’m a sadistic woman, but when I saw this, I couldn’t help myself!

1) Take the nearest five thick books. If you don't have five thick books near you, go to the bookshelf. If you're too lazy to do that, use fewer than five.

2) Turn to page 394.

3) Take the second sentence on that page of each book.

4) Arrange the sentences to form as coherent a story as possible.

I found this challenge on the ‘Simmering Cauldrons’ fanfic website, specifically for the Harry Potter fandom. But this is so universal; it can be used for ANY fandom. Of course I’m gonna mess with it! I do challenge those of you who are writers to try this - it's way harder than it looks!

My sentences are:

“Some of these may seem weird… or you might find one that suits you perfectly.”

“You may think you’ve heard it all before, but different planes have different escape methods.”

“It, and it alone, carried them through.”

“Who’re you going with then?”

“Lock pickers?”

*looks up at choices. Oy vey.*

This is my first Severus Snape/Hermione Granger ficlet, by the way. I probably suck at it, but it was very hard to come up with a plausible idea that included all these sentences, though once I got going I had fun with it!

Rated G - not even a swear word, I'm so proud of myself.

Beta'd by the uber-wonderful [livejournal.com profile] dusty273. What would I do without you dearest? Be total crap, that's what! *giggles

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