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Mercury, the planet of communications, finally turns direct in Taurus on May 30 and the second Mercury retrograde of 2009 will officially be over! It is time for the misunderstandings, confusions and fuzzy thinking to end and conversations to begin anew!


WOO HOO!!!!!!!!


Usually the message associated with Mercury turning direct is 'full speed ahead' -- but this one is a little different. The caution flag is still up.  Over the next week and a half, Mercury advances toward a square with mystical but often-confusing Neptune. Listen carefully to what people are telling you and be sure of their intentions before signing agreements. This aspect is great for meditation and heightening your creative and psychic abilities, but when you need your logical mind to work at warp speed, you’ll have to pay extra attention to make sure you make great decisions.


Mercury spent most of the retrograde period in the sign of Taurus, and will be turning direct in this sign that rules money and possessions. Taurus doesn't like to give up stuff (oh, don’t we know it!  I have two Taurus brothers and damn!), and most of us have had to give up something in these tough economic times. We have all been directly affected in one way or another with business slowdowns and layoffs. Now as Mercury turns direct, we can use that grief to our benefit if we focus and do something about it.


THANK EVER LOVING GOD!  This month has been pure HELL for most people, including me.  But even though the funk is coming to an end, like it says, stay a bit more vigilant. 


Only two more Mercury Retrogrades to go.  

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