May. 3rd, 2009

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In response to a drabble prompt by [ profile] wildcatcdc

Natalie and LaCroix - I think they should have him and Nick fighting over her.

Oh, I how I loved Forever Knight - and what do you know? I just happened to have a couple episodes available to watch on DVD from Blockbuster Online! So I watched a few to become familiar with the characterizations again and I think I did a pretty good job. Alas, there were only three seasons, but it left its mark on the vampire genre.

And CONGRATS are in order to [ profile] wildcatcdc because today, she finished her magnum opus, "Out Of Control." It's available on and her own LJ if you want to read (yes, I'm pimping the shit out of that fic) and it's totally engrossing. This is for you, hun - I hope you like it!

Disclaimer! Some lines of dialogue are taken from the series, but they worked so well that I had to use them. Don't sue me Canadian TV, `cause I ain't rich and the exchange rate would kill you.

This is based loosely on an episode in the second or third season - I can't remember which - where Nick took Natalie out to dinner, but Lucien showed up.

Many thanks to my lovely betas - [ profile] dusty273 and [ profile] imbloodyenglish - you guys rock my world. :D

Rating: PG
Word Count: 841 - WOO HOO - still a drabble!

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